The Sun - Visual and Photographic

Safer solar observation with AstroSolar® products

AstroSolar® Silver / Gold! 100% UV protection, 100% IR protection, 99.999% less sunlight.
The Solar Viewer AstroSolar® Silver / Gold sun visor - MADE IN GERMANY - safely protects your eyes when visually observing the sun. Perfect for experiencing sun eclipses
The set consists of an AstroSolar® Silver / Gold solar sheet for solar viewers, offering glare-free vision on the side of the eyes and a room. AstroSolar 5.0 safety film in 20x29 cm for solar observation / photography with additional optics. Optical density OD = 5.0.
AstroSolar® Security Film 5.0
CE / ISO certified Solar Viewer: complies with the eye safety standard EN ISO 12312-2: 2015 - Application notes in four languages (German, English, French, Spanish) inside the glasses

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LUNT LS1.25HW 31.7mm (1.25") Herschel-wedge
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Lunt LS 50THa/B400PT H-Aplha Solare Telescope
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Baader Sky Surfer V (Night & Day Design) Red-Dot-Finder
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ASSF: AstroSolar Spotting Scope Filter OD 5.0 (50mm - 150mm)
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