Vixen Telescope SXD2-PFLII-SD103S

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Outstanding sharp images with high contrast for both visual
and photographic applications.
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Vixen Telescope SXD2-PFL-SD103S Description

  • SD103S optical tube assembly.

    Vixen apochromatic refractors feature "Super extra-low Dispersion" SD optical glass in its objective lens. The SD glass produces clear and high contrast viewing, vertually free of false color. Brighter F7.7 images will satisfy the most demanding visual astronomer or astro-photographer. The SD103S comes with a flip mirror diagonal that allows you to switch the light pass quickly from straight through to angled viewing.

  • SXD2 equatorial mount PFL.

    The sturdy SXD2 mount features precision pulse motors, solid mechanices designed for long observing session and astrophotography. Astrophotographers will appreciate the function of "cross over meridian" which allows you to change a timing of the reverse motion of the optical tube.

  • STAR BOOK TEN star chart go-to navigation controller.

    The SXD2 equatorial mount PFL comes with STAR BOOK TEN features intuitive 'Star-Chart Go-To' system with high definition color LCD display. The position of the telescope, the target and other useful information are displayed on the screen in detail. The night vision feature illuminates the whole screen in red, if applied, and will limit the brightness to the observer's eyes.

  • SXG-HAL130 Aluminum tripod.

    With high solidness and stability it is highly suitable for observing sessions in a remote place.


Optical Tube

  • Objective lens, effective aperture
    103mm SD apohromatic, multicoated
  • Focal length (Focal ratio)
    795mm (f7.7)
  • Resolving power / Limiting magnitude
    1.13 arc seconds / 11.8
  • Light gathering power
    217×unaided eye
  • Dimensions / Weight
    115mm dia. and 762mm long / 6.4kg (Net 4.6kg)
  • Finder scope
    7X 50mm with illuminated reticle (7 degrees field of view)


  • Adapter threads / Visual back
    60mm, 42mm for T-ring / 50.8mm and 31.7mm push fit (with Flip mirror)
  • Eyepieces
    SLV20mm (41X, 75' field of view), SLV5mm (159X, 19' field of view)


  • Type of mount
    SXD2 equatorial mount PFL.


  • Leg type, material
    Large hex-shaped adjustable 2-section aluminum legs
  • Size / Weight
    Adjustable from 807mm to 1299mm in length, from 730mm to 1156mm in height, setup radius from 460mm to 706mm / 5.5 kg


  • Accessories
    SXG half pillar, Parts case, Counterweight (1.9 kg x 1, 3.7kg× 1)
  • Photography
    Usable with Prime focus, Eyepiece projection and Aforcal imaging
  • Solar observation
    Available with sun projection screen set B
  • Total weight
    27.9kg (without battries and without eyepieces)


  • Optical tube assembly
  • SXD2-PFL equatorial mount
  • SXG-HAL130 tripod


  • Counterweight (1.9kg x 1, 3.7kg × 1)
  • Parts case