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Vixen AXD2 Super Pro Telescope Set

Vixen AXD 2, the powerful mount with high accuracy

Vixen has responded to these developments by developing the Vixen AXD2 mount. The aim was to create a powerful amount with high accuracy, developed for both astrophotography novices and professional photographers. Even advanced astronomers will find that the high performance and precise tracking pay off handsomely in observation and photography and that they can achieve outstanding photographic results. Thanks to its user-friendly operation, the AXD mount also offers novice astronomers the opportunity to get involved with astrophotography, without having to have expert knowledge. Whichever kind of astronomy interests you, whether photographer or observer, you’ll be able to operate the mount with ease.

Robust construction and lightweight housing

a superalloy, the strongest aluminum alloy, is used for the R.A. and DEC axes. The stability of the A7075 superalloy is stronger than titanium, which is known for its strength as a lightweight material. Its thickness is 38% less than titanium. Using the A7075 superalloy for the axes ensures that the AXD mount is both lightweight and stable.

21 bearings

The rotating parts of the AXD mount have a total of 21 bearings. These ensure uniform motion in order to swivel the telescope and track objects.

Stepper motors

Vixen uses precise stepper motors for the mount in order to ensure optimal performance. The motors are controlled via a micro-step motion control system, which eliminates the disadvantage of stepper motors with large steps. The system generates 400 impulses per second at a high speed. This results in very quiet scanning with no vibrations. The stepper motors on the AXD mount have sufficient torque. This is most significant when working at high magnifications and photographing with a CCD camera with small pixel sizes.

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