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Rotating Star Chart Kosmos XL 34cm

For the northern and southern starry sky: 34 centimeters in
diameter - with slipcase!
in stock: in stock
CHF 45.00


For the northern and southern starry sky: 34 centimeters in diameter - with slipcase!

This rotating star card with a diameter of 34 centimeters shows in the dark in no time the currently visible sky detail. With the unique planetary pointer, the positions of the convertible stars can be adjusted, thus helping to find and determine safely. So everyone can discover the famous constellations, planets, or special objects in the night sky at a glance.

The detailed manual describes the handling also for beginners easy and indicates the planetary positions of the next years.

Important features of the star chart:

  • Representation of the northern and southern starry sky (on the back)
  • Easy access to planets, comets, and other changing stars
  • Determine the position of the sun in front of the constellations
  • Rising and setting of the stars and twilight times
  • Determination of sidereal time and hour angle
  • Coordinate scales for right ascension, declination, and height
  • The most beautiful celestial objects for binoculars and telescope
  • Well-known binary stars and mutable stars
  • The scale of the zodiac signs

The robust waterproof material guarantees years of observation and the slipcase ensures safe storage.

The author Hermann-Michael Hahn is a freelance science journalist on celestial topics and has been chairman of the Volkssternwarte Köln for more than 20 years.

The graphic designer Gerhard Weiland is a specialist in astronomical infographics and star charts and a member of the Vereinigung der Sternfreunde Köln.