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Vixen Telescope SD81S Optical Tube Assembly

Vixen's standard "photo-visual" SD apochromatic refractor with the focal length of 625mm.
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CHF 1'398.00


Vixen's standard "photo-visual" SD apochromatic refractor with the focal length of 625mm.

Vixen SD apochromatic refractors feature "Super extra-low Dispersion" optical glass in its objective lens. With the use of a SD reducer HD kit or SD Flattener HD kit, the image circle of 44 mm in diameter is obtained to be used for photography with DSLR cameras with full-frame imaging sensor.

Vixen Telescope SD81S Optical Tube Assembly Description

  • The SD lens suppresses residual chromatic aberration far below the threshold of visibility.

    A lens of refracting telescopes has chromatic aberration which is caused by different wavelength of visible light (colors) focusing at different distances. The Vixen SD lenses, made of FPL53 super extra-low dispersion glass, allow for correcting the chromatic aberration over a wide spectrum of light. The SD lenses focus visible rays of light from the Cray(red), d-ray(yellow), e-ray(green), F-ray(blue) to g-ray(violet) at nearly the very same position. As shown in the diagrams of spherical aberration, it verifies that the chromatic aberration is highly corrected over a wide spectrum of light with the SD lenses. Especially the g-ray, which affects image contrast, is suppressed excellently. The SD81S delivers outstanding sharp images with high contrast for both visual and photographic applications. Brighter F7.7 images will satisfy the most demanding visual astronomer or astrophotographer.

  • Optical tube of a moderate length for visual onservation and astrophotography.

    The optical tubes of the SD81S, SD103S and SD115S are designed to be shorten to its length. It is convenent to carry and setting up and balancing the optical tube easier.

  • Quick change of viewing orientation with flip mirror

    The provided filip mirror allows you to change light pass for comfortable observing posture. With two eyepieces of different focal length attached to the flip mirror, you can switch magnifications quickly.

  • Versatile accessories for visual observation and astrophotography.

    The focuser drawtube has 60mm threads in diameter for attaching a variety of optional eyepieces and accessories for visual and photographic purpose.

  • Optional accessories to expand your pleasure of astrophotography.

    This kit consists components for prime focus astrophotography with the SD81S, SD103S or SD115S optical tube. This reducer is made to be used in combination with an accessory such as a wide photo adapter 60DX, sold separately.

  • Specifications

    SD81S Optical Tube Assembly

    • Objective lens, effective aperture
      81mm SD apohromatic, multicoated
    • Focal length
    • Focal ratio
    • Resolving power
      1.43 arc seconds
    • Limiting magnitude
    • Light gathering power
      134×unaided eye
    • Focusing mechanism
      Rack-and-pinion, with lock knob
    • Finder scope
      XY Red dot finder II (1×aimimg device)
    • Adapter thread / Visual back
      60mm and 42mm for T-ring / 50.8mm and 31.7mm push fit with flip mirror diagonal
    • Accessories
      Tube rings, Dovetail tube plate, Metal carry handle
    • Photography
      Usable with Prime focus, Eyepiece projection and Afocal imaging
    • Solar observation
      Available with Sun projection screen set B
    • Dimensions / weight
      90mm dia. and 585mm long / 3.6kg (Net 2.3kg)


    • Flip Mirror Daigonal
    • Dovetail Tube Plate
    • 7×50mm with dark-field illuminated reticle
    • 50mm XY Finder Bracket II